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O!MPD 1.07, Copyright © 2015-2021 Artur Sierżant

This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions.

O!MPD is fork of netjukebox Copyright © 2001-2012 Willem Bartels
Current skin:
O!MPD dark skin by Artur Sierżant.
  • most of settings from moved to Config -> Settings
  • fixed bugs

  • added support for HighResAudio (thanks to marcbth)
  • added badge with audio format info on album cover (thanks to paradix)
  • added support for Tidal OAuth2 login
  • added 'Add to Library' for albums from streaming services (Tidal, HRA)
  • added popularity bar on album cover
  • added displaying lyrics on album cover in 'Now Playing' (based on LyricsCore API; also Musixmatch supported)
  • added new popularity category (by album year)
  • compatibillity with PHP8
  • fixed bugs

  • added support for TIDAL direct play (play TIDAL with any version of MPD)
  • added support for TIDAL user playlists
  • added YouTube results in artist view and search (settable in
  • added support for internet radio covers (settable in
  • added default login option
  • added possibility to login using URL (login.php)
  • added support for PWA (Progressive Web App)
  • added new skin (darker)
  • improved TIDAL support (python API replaced with PHP API - works much faster)
  • improved Favorites - mixed lists (streams and local files) are allowed
  • improved Favorites - tracks from Tidal and YouTube now can be added to Favorites
  • fixed bugs

  • added support for TIDAL
  • added support for COMPOSER tag (settable in
  • added 'Show favorite tracks' for selected genre
  • added popularity of artists (Library -> Popular -> Artist)
  • added info about Track Dynamic Range in track lists (settable in
  • changed genre view
  • fixed bugs

  • added ability to play audio streams from YouTube movies (requires youtube-dl)
  • added new skins (skins are now based on {less})
  • added miniplayer (settable in
  • added support for mpd playlists
  • added discography browser in album view (settable in
  • added view for Album Dynamic Range (DR)
  • added direct navigation to selected page in paginator
  • added search action for album cover in album view (settable in
  • added 'Play next' and 'Remove all below' to track menu in 'Now Playing'
  • added 'Go to album' in file browser (if album is in DB)
  • added config file editor
  • added consume mode on/off (long press on 'Delete played')
  • added stop function in 'Now Playing' (long press on play/pause button)
  • improved sorting by genre in search results
  • fixed bugs

  • added ability to play any track/folder www server has access to (i.e. files outside of MPD and O!MPD database) on any MPD in network
  • added multi-genre support
  • added STYLE tag support
  • added file browser
  • added ability to update selected directory only (no need to do full update when adding single albums)
  • added ability to update album directly from album view
  • added artist list in library
  • added sort by 'Add time' in search results
  • added display of multi-disc in album view
  • added grouping of multi-disc albums in album search results
  • added display of other versions of album
  • added list of favorite tracks in artist search results
  • added possibility to use more than one file name for album cover
  • added random play from directory
  • fixed bugs

  • added possibility to synch, copy and add current playlist from one MPD to another (multiroom)
  • added better support for Favorites: tracks can be saved/added to Favorites from any place (Now Playing, album view, search results)
  • added possibility to add stream to current playlist and Favorites
  • added Blacklist
  • added time info ('End at' and 'Left') for current playlist
  • added possibility to switch off tags from COMMENT
  • added support for MDP password
  • added proxy support (code by Stéphane Ardhuin)
  • added 'Play to...' for albums (experimental)
  • improvements in update procedure
  • compatibillity with PHP7 and mySQL 5.7
  • some visual improvements
  • fixed bugs

  • added possibility of arrange tracks in Now Playing and Favorites
  • added 'Recently played albums' on start page
  • added start page display options (section 'Start page display options' in configuration file)
  • added 'Crop' to Now Playing commands
  • added 'Insert into playlist' and 'Insert and play' to album commands in album view
  • added 'Quick play' and 'Quick add' to album mini-covers (settable in configuration file)
  • added some 'Media statistics' (section 'Playtime')
  • added total time of Now Playing playlist
  • clicking the big play icon in album view now plays album and redirects to Now Playing
  • improved update procedure
  • better support for streams and tracks not uploaded to MySQL data base
  • O!MPD now uses PHP MySQLi extension instead of MySQL
  • some performance improvements
  • fixed bugs

  First release
Included scripts, fonts and images:
Google fonts
Font Awesome
getID3() 1.9.21-202207161647
PHP Paginator Class
PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser
Ping for PHP class
LyricsCore API