O!MPD v1.01

O!MPD v1.01

I’m glad to announce, that O!MPD 1.01 has been released 🙂 You can get it form download page.


  • added possibility of arrange tracks in Now Playing and Favorites
  • added ‘Recently played albums’ on start page
  • added start page display options (section ‘Start page display options’ in configuration file)
  • added ‘Crop’ to Now Playing commands
  • added ‘Insert into playlist’ and ‘Insert and play’ to album commands in album view
  • added ‘Quick play’ and ‘Quick add’ to album mini-covers (settable in configuration file)
  • added some ‘Media statistics’ (section ‘Playtime’)
  • added total time of Now Playing playlist
  • clicking the big play icon in album view now plays album and redirects to Now Playing
  • improved update procedure
  • better support for streams and tracks not uploaded to MySQL database
  • O!MPD now uses PHP MySQLi extension instead of MySQL
  • some performance improvements
  • fixed bugs


If you install O!MPD for the 1st time, just follow instructions from here.

Upgrade from version 1.0

Rename old ompd directory to eg. ompd-1.0 and copy new version to your www root dir. You can use your previous include/config.inc.php file (from version 1.0) but you need to modify it a little bit. There is one important change in section MySQL configuration: string mysql has been replaced with mysqli, so you need to change it in your existing file.

There are also some new settings – they are between NEW IN O!MPD 1.01 and END OF NEW IN O!MPD 1.01 . You can copy it from new config file to your previous one and set desired values.

Or you can just edit new config file.

Remember about setting write access to dirs:

  • /ompd/tmp/ 
  • /ompd/stream/ 
  • /ompd/cache/ 

Your existing MySQL database will be used, so you don’t have to worry about things like player configuration, users, etc. (unless you change value of $cfg['mysqli_db'] – then new database will be created).

After configuration is done, open http://www-server-IP-address/ompd/index.php just like in previous version. If everything is OK, you should now see O!MPD v1.01.

Final thoughts

I’d like to thank all of you, who use or try O!MPD. And special thanks for those of you, who helped me find and fix bugs, add new features, find inspiration for new ones and make O!MPD better: Lukáš Mrtvý, Axel, engine, Andrew Ness, Bart, George Breeze, Jonathan, James Udiljak, Matthew. Thank you guys!

I hope you like new version of O!MPD. Feel free to leave your comment or write to me at info@ompd.pl.

Best regards from Poland!

6 thoughts on “O!MPD v1.01

  1. Joshua Brown-Williams

    Install to the root directory of Lighttpd is pretty vague. Where more precisly should it be installed?

  2. Dave

    You did an amazing job! O!MPD works like a charm and the multichannel support is exactly what I was looking for… Thanks a lot Artur

    The only thing that wasn’t working when I tried to add a webstream under favorites, somehow the script seems to hang when I try to add a http webstream… importing an actual playlist works though. any ideas?

    1. Artur Sierżant Post author

      Hello Dave,
      thanks for your comment.

      Plain http streams are not supported yet. However you can use .pls or .m3u files e.g: http://stream3.polskieradio.pl:8904/listen.pls.
      Please note, that it’s also not possible to mix files and streams in one playlist. So try to create new favorite playlist, save it and then edit. Next insert link to .pls or .m3u file into text field ‘playlist in URL’ and click ‘Add’. New position will appear under ‘Tracks in this playlist’. Now you can go back to Favorites and you will see that your new created playlist is under section ‘Stream’. Just click play icon and mpd should start to play stream. You can add another stream to this playlist or create next one.

      Hope that helped,

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Artur

    Great package!

    Tested on my Rpi2, got one question:

    I have some dsf, diff and sacd-iso files, my MpD fork can add them to he MpD lib.

    Seems like o!mpd does it’s own files/tag purging on flac,MP3, wav, ape files.

    Is there anyway to follow mpd’s database or
    Scan dsd files and sacd iso files?

    Thank you

    1. Artur Sierżant Post author

      thanks for your comment.

      O!MPD uses getID3() for extracting tags from files. Version 1.9.9, which is included in O!MPD 1.01, doesn’t support DSF files. However the newest version 1.9.12 does. I’ve checked it and it seems to work. Here are the steps to add DSF files to O!MPD database:
      1. in ompd dir: rename existing getid3 dir to eg. getid3-old
      2. download newest getID3()
      3. extract zip to ompd dir
      4. rename dir getID3-1.9.12 to getid3
      5. edit /include/config.inc.php: in section ‘Media extensions’ add line:
      $cfg['media_extension'][] = 'dsf';
      6. update database

      I’ve checked it for .dsf files. I haven’t tried .diff files – in getID3() docs there is no info about supporting this type of file. Same for sacd-iso, so I think it will not work for these files.

      As for following mpd’s database: there is no such an option. At the beginning I considered this way of collecting data, but finally I decided to use getID3().


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