O!MPD v1.03

O!MPD v1.03

I’m glad to announce, that O!MPD 1.03 has been released 🙂 You can get it form download page.



If you install O!MPD for the 1st time, just follow instructions from here.

Upgrade from previous versions


Version 1.03 modifies structure of DB. This should be harmless, but just in case, please make a copy of your existing DB.

Rename old ompd directory to eg. ompd-old and copy new version to your www root dir.

If you upgrade from v1.02 you can use your previous include/config.inc.php file, but you need to modify it a little bit. There are some new settings – they are in section between NEW IN O!MPD 1.03 and END OF NEW IN O!MPD 1.03. You can copy it from new config file to your previous one and set desired values.

If you upgrade from older versions I’d recommend to edit new config file (include/config.inc.php).

Remember about setting write access to dirs:

  • /ompd/tmp/
  • /ompd/stream/
  • /ompd/cache/

Your existing MySQL database will be used, so you don’t have to worry about things like player configuration, users, etc. (unless you change value of $cfg['mysqli_db'] – then new database will be created).

After configuration is done, open http://www-server-IP-address/ompd/index.php just like in previous versions. If everything is OK, you should now see O!MPD v1.03.

Final thoughts

I’d like to thank all of you, who use or try O!MPD. And special thanks for those of you, who helped me find and fix bugs, add new features, find inspiration for new ones and make O!MPD better: othmar52, brendan-pike, eoli3n, daeavelwyn, dseomn, kannibalox, HaikuZen, David Mandelberg, Dan. Thank you guys!

I hope you like new version of O!MPD. Feel free to leave your comment or write to me at info@ompd.pl.

Best regards from Poland!

9 thoughts on “O!MPD v1.03

  1. sam

    Firstly thanks for a superb project and all the hard work that has obviously gone into it.
    I’ve searched for a long time for an album cover based mpd client for a multiple raspberry pi setup – this is it!

    I have a small bug in v1.03 with the seek bar in Now Playing tab.
    For some files it works but for many files it plays the track from 0:00.

    I have checked the non-working tracks in the database and they have a valid miliseconds field.

    I have hardcoded the seconds value in the seek command in play.php (853):
    $miliseconds = round($track_ms * $x / ($dx-1));
    //mpd(‘seek ‘ . $currentsong[‘Pos’] . ‘ ‘ . (round($miliseconds / 1000))); //seek in seconds
    mpd(‘seek ‘ . $currentsong[‘Pos’] . ‘ ‘ .’60’); //seek in seconds
    and this works (obviously to 60 seconds whereever you click on the bar!)- so I know the code works; but for some reason it seems to evaluate (round($miliseconds / 1000)) to zero for certain tracks, but not all.

    Any help gratefully received.
    Again – great work. Thanks.

      1. sam

        Thanks Artur for such a swift reply!
        I had checked on GitHub – sorry, I didn’t even notice the ‘Closed’ issues button!

        I have made the changes mentioned for issue #60 and all is now working well!

        When I get a little more time I will try out the latest version you have linked to.

        Thank you so much for your help.

  2. Max Berger

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. EXCELLENT project. Have been endlessly toying with numerous Web based MPD clients, where 1 would have what the other was missing and visa-versa, however OMPD has covered most of the bases.
    Question: MPD conf files have a location for playlists (playlist_directory). If I have a playlist (m3u) stored in that location (generated by another MPD client app) how can this playlist be accessed by O!MPD?
    My final objective is to have a different selection of playlists based on MPD player chosen. Is this doable? Willing to code-hack-adjust-test-etc..

    1. Artur Sierżant Post author

      Thanks for comment – I’m glad you like O!MPD.
      For now O!MPD has no direct support for MPD’s playlist, but it is on TODO list. However you can load MPD’s playlist using other MPD client and then save it as Favorite playlist:

      Now Playing -> save -> select Current playlist -> add name and comment -> Save
      Favorites -> Add new -> select MPD player with previously loaded playlist (or you can try to enter path to .m3u playlist file: this might work) -> Add -> enter name and comment -> Save

      I know it’s not too convenient, especially when you have many MPD playlists, but it solves problem in a way.

      I think that in final solution O!MPD will read playlists form currently selected MPD and display them in Favorites – it will be possible to play them, but probably there will be no possibility to edit them.


      1. jon

        Hello Arthur, thank you for your great work! I don’t understand explaining above in detail, but is that the reason, why I can’t add any “personal” or lets say “direct” internet radio stream? (example adress in format mp3 = http://streams.radiobob.de/bob-live/mp3-192/mediaplayer)
        If there is a solution or a workaround, please be so kind and explain this way. Thank you keep on rockin!

  3. jon

    Hallo Arthur, let me came back up to the item: Beacuse I’m looking for a solution to add “personal” or lets say “direct” radio stream addresses to O!MPD. Is it possibel? Please be so kind an explain a solution with the follwoing (real exiting) stream adress (Format = mp3). If there is “only” a workaround, please describe this: http://streams.radiobob.de/bob-live/mp3-192/mediaplayer
    Thank you very much!
    Greetings and thank for the great work so far!

    1. Artur Sierżant Post author

      Adding this kind of streams should work: in NowPlaying -> Add -> paste link into File/Stream box -> click Add button. I’ve just done it and it works:


      Then you can save this as Favorite playlist: Now Playing -> save -> select Current playlist -> add name and comment -> Save
      Just remember that you can only save homogeneous playlists (from Now Playing) as favorites, i.e. it is not possible to mix streams and files in one favorite playlist.

      I hope this will work also in your case.

      Best regards,

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