Other features

Other features

Other features


In O!MPD you can see some interesting statistics.

In the section Config (click on cog symbol) -> Media statistics:

  • quantity of artists, albums and tracks in collection
  • increase of albums by month and year
  • size of all files in library and database
  • total playtime of particular file types

In album view you can see:

  • popularity of that album
  • when it was played last time
  • how many times it was played (by clicking on calendar symbol)


O!MPD comes with 2 skins: default one is ompd_default, the other one is ompd_the_first. You can change them in Config -> Skin profile. Skins are placed in folder /skin – each skin has its separated  folder. Names of this folders are identical with names of skins. If you want to created your own skin, just copy one of this folder and edit files in it – most important file is styles.css.

Suggestions of albums

On the start page O!MPD suggests you albums to listen to – this is random choice of albums that were not played more then 3 months. Each time you load this page, another set of albums is displayed. You can generate new set also by clicking on reload symbol close to the banner. That way you might recall some good music, you could have forgotten…


In Favorites you can manage your playlists. O!MPD comes with predefined playlist called simply ‘Favorites’ (you can change this name and description in file include/config.inc.php, in section Default Favorites). You can add tracks to this playlist simply by clicking star next to track title in album view, search results or Now Playing and selecting ‘Add to Favorites’.

You can also create your own playlists. Since v1.02 it is possible from any place (album view, search results or Now Playing) – click star next to track and fill Save as and Comment to create new favorite playlist and add selected track to it. Or select existing playlist from Add to drop-down list and add selected track to it.
In Now Playing it is possible to add whole current playlist to favorite – just select Current playlist in Save menu.

It is also possible to create and edit favorites directly form Favorites: click Add new, enter name and description for it and save it. After this new playlist appears in Favorites. Now you can edit it – just click pen symbol. In edit mode you can add tracks from Now Playing from selected mpd player. You can also add stream to playlist: both direct (e.g. http://mp3.polskieradio.pl:8954) and playlist file (.pls and .m3u files are supported).

General notice: it is not possible to mix streams and files in one playlist.


In v1.02 Blacklist has been introduced. You can add track to this playlist by clicking star symbol and selecting ‘Add to Blacklist’. Once a track is added to Blacklist, it will be skipped when you play/add/insert album to current playlist (it will not be added to Now Playing). So if there are tracks which you don’t like and you always skip them during playback, add them to Blacklist and O!MPD will skip it for you.

You can change name and description of Blacklist in file include/config.inc.php, in section Default blacklist.

Multi-genre and STYLE support

Since v1.03 multi-genre is supported. Multi-genre can be written in tags in two different ways:

  • as array of genres
  • as list separated with specific string

O!MPD supports both. In the second case you can define separating string in $cfg['multigenre_separator'] in include/config.inc.php file. If you use STYLE tag and want it to be treated as GENRE tag (i.e. to be shown in genre list), you can set $cfg['style_enable'] to true. Multi-style is also supported – the same way as multi-genre.
After changing this settings, update of database is needed.

File browser

In v1.03 file browser has been added. You can open it directly from Library -> Files or from album view (Browse…). By default (for security reasons) access is restricted only to media directory defined in $cfg['media_dir']. If you want to have access to all files on your system, you need to change value of $cfg['allow_access_to_all_files'] to true (of course your web server must have access to this files too).
From file browser you can:

  • play/add files or whole directories (also those not imported to O!MPD or even MPD database)
  • play random files from selected directory
  • update selected directory only (use it when you add album to single directory – it’s much faster then updating whole media dir). This is forced update, i.e. it indexes all files from directory, no matter if they were changed or not.

File browser shows only music and pictures files.

4 thoughts on “Other features

  1. Jay

    Great! I do appreciate your sharing O!MPD.
    I want to use O!MPD with custom build of Apache+PHP+Mysql. But, Other function does work well except File browser. Would you let me know needed configuration? At first, I couldn’t enter the main menu because of json. Now, still I can’t enter the file menu. On Ubuntu, after just apache+php5.6+mysql were installed, it works like a charm. So, I thought I lack a package or function to install. Or, just let me whole package you used like mbstring, json and etc. Thank you again.

    1. Artur Sierżant Post author

      please check if you have CTYPE module. If yes, try to turn displaying error on: edit browser.php and change
      @ini_set('display_errors', 0);
      @ini_set('display_errors', -1);
      and see what errors appear.

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