About O!MPD

The history of O!MPD started in 2012, when I decided to rip all my CD collection and use files as music media. I started to search software that I could use to manage and play files. After some time spent on searching, reading and testing, I decided to use MPD as playing engine. Then I had to choose its client (user interface): and here the problems started. I tested a lot of MPD clients, but all in all, none of them met all my expectations. Netjukebox was closest to my needs and had good potential to develop, so I chose it as the base for my system.

Works took me about 2,5 year – I spent a lot of my free time on it. And finally in first half of 2015 O!MDP was ready, i.e. it worked and looked like I wanted to. Though O!MPD was meant for me, I thought somebody would like it too and decided to share it.

If you like O!MPD let me know – I will be very pleased and happy to hear this. If you don’t like it, you can also let me know – please write what I would do to make O!MPD better.

About me

My name is Artur Sierżant, I’m music and IT enthusiast – O!MDP unites both of my passions. I’m not a professional programmer – I work as operation and maintenance engineer in one of the biggest mobile telecom company in Poland. I’m happily married and have wonderful son.

Best greetings from Poland!