O!MPD v1.05

O!MPD v1.05

I’m glad to announce, that O!MPD 1.05 has been released 🙂 You can get it form download page.


  • added support for TIDAL
  • added support for COMPOSER tag (settable in config.inc.php)
  • added ‘Show favorite tracks’ for selected genre
  • added popularity of artists (Library -> Popular -> Artist)
  • added info about Track Dynamic Range in track lists (settable in config.inc.php)
  • changed genre view
  • fixed bugs


If you install O!MPD for the 1st time, just follow instructions from here.

Upgrade from previous versions


Version 1.05 modifies structure of DB. This should be harmless, but just in case, please make a copy of your existing DB.

Rename old ompd directory to eg. ompd-old and copy new version to your www root dir.

If you upgrade from v1.04 you can use your previous include/config.inc.php file, but you need to modify it a little bit. There are some new settings – they are in section between NEW IN O!MPD 1.05 and END OF NEW IN O!MPD 1.05. You can copy it from new config file to your previous one and set desired values.

If you upgrade from older versions I’d recommend to edit new config file (include/config.inc.php).

Remember about setting write access to dirs:

  • /ompd/tmp/
  • /ompd/stream/
  • /ompd/cache/

Your existing MySQL database will be used, so you don’t have to worry about things like player configuration, users, etc. (unless you change value of $cfg['mysqli_db'] – then new database will be created).

After configuration is done, open http://www-server-IP-address/ompd/index.php just like in previous versions. If everything is OK, you should now see O!MPD v1.05.

Final thoughts

I’d like to thank all of you, who use or try O!MPD. And special thanks for those of you, who helped me find and fix bugs, add new features, find inspiration for new ones and make O!MPD better: othmar52, brendan-pike, eoli3n, bamyasi, marcbth, hardheid, ffatgit, maartenlangeveld, owl770, hanspu, kostea67, nonplusnl, Julien Borle, Eric Esbelin, Paul Geller. Thank you guys!

I hope you like new version of O!MPD. Feel free to leave your comment or write to me at info@ompd.pl.

Best regards from Poland!

2 thoughts on “O!MPD v1.05

  1. Trillien

    I’ve just updated to O!MPD v1.05
    It runs just fine on Raspberry Pi 2 under Debian Buster (and Audiophonics I-Sabre DAC ES9023) with Nginx on PHP 7.3 and MariaDB.
    Thanks a lot for your work !

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